Wood Calls

Woods to choose from:

Birdseye Maple, Blackwood, Bloodwood, Bocote, Bubinga, Canary Wood, Che-Chen, Chokte Viga, Cocobolo, Desert Ironwood, Figured Western Maple, Goncalo Alves, Kingwood, Leopardwood, Macassar Ebony, Marblewood, Mesquite, Mun Ebony, Oregon Myrtlewood, Osage Orange, Padauk, Pink Ivory, Pau Amarello, Purpleheart, Redwood, Satine, Silver Maple, Tulipwood, Walnut, White Ash, Yew, and Zebrawood.

Closed Reed Distress Calls

We use JC reeds in all of our closed reed distress calls.
Wood types may vary, and there are a lot of wood styles to choose from.

$35.00- includes shipping


Open Reed Distress Calls

We can use a RR1 distress toneboard or a YDD3 toneboard in our open reed distress calls.   
Wood types may vary. There are many different styles of barrels to choose from.

$35.00- includes shipping


Wooden Open Reed Howlers

We use RR2 and YDD3 howler tone boards in all of our wooden howlers. 

The RR2 has a 5/8 inch bore. It is great for distress calling and howling.  It is a nice long toneboard. With the narrow reed it does a great distress cry. You can work the whole reed. With the wider reed you can do deeper distress cries and great howls.

YDD3s are a little quieter, sort of mellower tone board. I like to use around a 2 1/2 inch long barrel because it seems to sound best for me. The sound is a little deeper than my RR1. The YDD3 is great for getting a deeper, raspier distress for calling bears. The YDD3 is one of Yellerdog's main tone boards. I love using it because it is smooth and easy to use.

Both make great distress tone boards.

These howlers are both
very easy to use and do not take much air. Howlers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Wooden Open Reed Howler- $35.00

Tone Board

Crow Call

I get a great sound out of my crow calls.  I have a reamer that sets the mouth piece  in the spot for the best sound.  The call in the picture is a bacote.  I can make crow calls out of most woods.  I have a great wood and antler supply.

$25.00- includes shipping

Special Material Calls

Antler calls can be of Whitetail deer, Elk, Moose, Couse deer, Gemsbok, Hippo, and Axis...you name it, I will probably have it. I can make antler calls open reed or closed reed. They can be a distress call, a howler, or a squeaker.

Springbok Howlers

African Springbok Horn

The grooves in Springbok horn are really unique. This call had excellent sound quality.

$35.00- includes shipping

Elk Horn Howlers

I have made a lot of elk horn howlers. They are great for not being too loud. These calls are just right for calling in early morning.  I use Yellerdog YDD2 acrylic and delrin toneboards.  These calls are easy to master and very smooth. They are great for calling or collecting.  I also have  elk horn butts, moose, blacktail and whitetail deer antler- I have all types.

$35.00- includes shipping

Elk Horn Howler


Squeakers are made from either elk or whitetail deer antlers.

They produce a nice coaxing sound.

$22.00- includes shipping

Elk Antler Squeaker

Deer Antler Squeaker

Antler Open Reed and Closed Reed Distress Calls

We can make these out of a variety of different antlers.

Simply click the Add to Cart button and go through the checkout process. You will see an instructions tab on the left side of the page. Click the tab to request the type of antler that you want.

Elk Closed Reed Distress Call

$35.00- includes shipping

Antler Open Reed Distress Call

$25.00- includes shipping

Cow Horn Howlers

Each horn is unique because every animal from which we get the horn is different. These calls have a loud howl, especially the thin ones.

$35.00- includes shipping

Want to Order a Custom Call?
I can make open reed or closed reed distress calls, howlers or squeakers in a variety of styles and designs in the woods listed above. To order a custom wood call, contact me via phone, email or mail. Feel free to contact me if you have a particular wood in mind that is not listed above.
Email: bearmanric@aol.com
Phone: 360-951-4231 (cell)
Address: 3608 Offut Lake Road,
Tenino, Washington 98589