I was born in Olympia, Washington and have spent most of my life in Washington. I started hunting with my brother, dad, and granddad when I was fifteen years old. My first gun was a single shot .22 rimfire from Sears. I wasn't allowed to hunt until the next year after I took the hunters safety course at church camp where they let me shoot a forest grouse in the woods. At that point I fell in love with the outdoors and hunting.
As the years evolved and because of my father's job I was fortunate to travel to  different parts of the U.S. and be exposed to different kinds of hunting. That is when I learned to track animals in their natural setting. When I moved to Vermont I called in my first coyote...I can still remember my heart racing when I saw the coyote sneak along the fence line. That's an experience I will never forget.
My wife and I moved back to Washington in 1985.  There I became involved with archery and loved to bugle in my elk every year. Camping, fishing and hunting became our family pastime when the kids came along. My two daughters Dorothy and Amanda still talk of our times at bear camp and how close they were to real animals. When their friends were talking about beach vacations they told of their adventures with their dad tracking in the woods and seeing bear, coyote, bobcats, elk and deer. They weren't with me when I got my first cougar though. We have made many memories together with family and friends. I got my nickname, Bearmanrick, because I was so big and tall and my friends would ask how many bear I had tracked and began calling me that.
I have grown fond of calling predators over the last 20 years or so and have done my best with hand calls but have used calling machines also. One day about five years ago I decided to try and make my own custom howler and antler calls. I found that they sounded pretty good. I found my creative side when I started turning calls from pieces of wood...I would look at a plain piece of wood and see a call, then make it. I found my true love and purpose. That feeling of the coyote sneaking along the fence line came back. What a thrill to build something with my own hands!
I tune each and every custom call I make before I sign RRcalls to it. Even my semi-production calls are hand tuned before they are sent out. I am very proud of what I do. Thank you for visiting my site.      
-Rick Robbins